DVD Recommended Music
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Blood & Chocolate: Elvis Costello's story of a heart-break from beginning to end. You have to listen to this one all the way through. From the confident young man going in to the tortured soul who rises triumphantly, like a phoenix from the ashes, recognizing that he is wounded, but life will go on.
Comedy: My favorite Paul Kelly U.S. release. Some of this material is from other albums, some of it I haven't see anywhere. Contains "Watch Out Little Boy, Don't Lose Your Balls," which is wonderful to listen to on your way to work in the morning.
Worker's Playtime: A masterpiece by Billy Bragg. This came across my desk while I was reviewing albums and I played it several times over. I just had to have more after that.
Eye: Robyn Hitchcock's best. A sole outing with an acoustic guitar. This is album plays through splendidly. There's a central theme holding all these songs together (the best part is, that theme is impossible to figure out). The vivid imagery the songs paint in your mind is priceless.
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