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Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis: How short and meaningless is this life and how can we learn the value of it. A wonderful story of the value of interpersonal contact, friendship and exploration of the within. A treasure.

Illusions by Richard Bach: Brilliant. Concise. Optimistic. If you have not read this book, you must. Same person that wrote Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (also recommended).

Diet for a New America by John Robbins: An heir to an American food empire exposes the truth behind the common American way of eating.  Discusses the health and moral issues behind what we eat.

Palestine by Joe Sacco: A graphic novel. Excellent study by an American visiting Israel and the occupied territories during the Intifada. Avoids political issues and presents the human side of the equation.

The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson: YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HISTORY. Get past all the incomplete history you were taught in school (that includes University level) and learn what truly caused events to transpire. History and significant events are not "accidental."

The Stranger by Albert Camus: You may have read this in school. Even so, read it again. Follow one man's internal efforts to belong to a society that he is not a part of. Also recommend The Plague or The Fall.

Gods of Eden by William Bramley: William Bramley never set out to write a book about UFO's or aliens. However, as he tried to put together a complete record of human history over the last two thousand years, he could not avoid repeated reports of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka: I think we have all read the Metamophosis at some point in our lives as just about any curriculum includes it. There is a wonderful engaging gem here called In the Penal Colony that gives you more insight into the mind of the ultimate deconstructionist writer.

Programmed to Kill by Dave McGowan: You think you know something about serial murderers? If your set of knowledge comes from what you've seen and heard on television, THEN YOU KNOW NOTHING! A must read for those who don't want to be ignorant and manipulated by the media.

Live from Golgotha by Gore Vidal: A humorous odyssey back to days just before the crucifixion. To say more may give too much away. Hard to put down.

Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman: When the conscious mind believes that they are no longer being marketed to, and that the advertisements are over, and now the entertainment will begin, this is when the
REAL marketing begins. Are you also a brain-washed patsy?

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