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These pages are all the work and held in copyright since inception by same. If you wish to pass along any information you see on this site, your are strongly encouraged to do so for the sake of the cause (promoting vegeterianism and animal rights). You have license to print and physically distribute pages of this site.

However, if you wish to repost ANY of these pages on the internet / world wide web, you may only post limited portions and must always link (via live link) back to the source (i.e., appropriate page on this site). NOTE: you have license to copy sections, not pages in their entirety. If you seek to do so for whatever reason, you must first ask for permission/license via this site's numerous "contact" options.

The main reason I felt compelled to add this "statement" is there are multiple versions of my good/bad lists out there, many of which do not even link back/credit these pages. While the early lists may have been simple compilations of various groups, much work and effort of myself (and others, as credited) has gone into maintaining the lists since.

For one, most all of these unlinked lists are severely out of date, hence don't help the cause. Two, the lists themselves, including notations, keys, symbols, subsidiary lists, layout, format and especially, the code, are proprietary. Posting them as your own is plagiarism at best, and as in some existing cases, outright theft of intellectual property.

Please, be all means, DO raise awareness and inform others, just don't "steal."