March 7, 1999: Nordic Rags

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* This could redefine "maximum absorbency"                                *

Thrill-Seeking Teens Dunk Tampons In Vodka 

HELSINKI - Some teenage Finnish girls are experimenting with tampons dipped
in vodka as a way of getting tipsy without parents detecting boozy breath, 
according to a Finnish anti-drinking group. The group's director said he 
had received reports of individual cases of girls in eastern Finland using 
alcohol-soaked tampons, hoping the alcohol would then enter their 

"I believe tampons are supposed to keep things in and not let them seep 
out," said Tapio Jaakkola at the Irti Huumeista drug and alcohol center. 
He then added, "Drinking through the mouth is probably still the best way 
for alcohol to be absorbed." {well, I'm glad someone said it - ed}

High alcohol consumption in Finland is sometimes a source of embarrassment
for this conservative Nordic society, where many are worried that more 
liberal liquor laws introduced in recent years have increased drinking 
among young people.

Source: Reuters

* From the Fins to the Swedes (this one's kinda gross)                    *

Goeran Rudolfsson, a Swedish man, had been bothered by congestion since 
having an operation on a brain tumor.  Blowing his nose one day (about a 
month later), he felt something peculiar.  It turned out to be an 80 cm 
long cloth (about 31 inches) placed in his head during the operation to 
absorb fluids - and, inadvertently, left there.  Rudolfsson was able to 
grab one end of the cloth and pull the whole thing out.  Officials at 
University Hospital in Umeaa, were "distressed" by the oversight.  Unlike 
any red-blooded American, who would have sued, Rudolfsson took it well, 
saying at least they "didn't amputate the wrong leg or ear."

Source: Vancouver Sun

* Not being able to find anything on the Norwegians (though that would be *
* the natural East-West Nordic progression here), let's hop on over to    *
* jolly ole England   {p.s. my fellow Americans, don't gloat, we're next} *

The public-service goal of an advertising campaign by England's Children's 
Society was to enlighten people that child sex abuse could occur in 
anyone's town and not just notorious sex-tourist spots in the Far East.
However, its slogan announced in billboards came out this way: "Why travel
6000 miles to have sex with children when you can do it in the [English 
town of] Bournemouth?"  When questioned by a reporter, a society spokesman
expressed pride in the campaign and said it would be extended to Manchester
and Leeds.  {last heard, this lapse in judgment was being reevaluated - ed}

Source: News of the Weird

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