October 15, 1998: A Dreadful Goalhanger

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* Well, I'm sure that this study is going to just plain shock everybody.  *

WASHINGTON: Researchers recently confirmed (ed: and I'm sure at good cost 
to US taxpayers) what women already suspected - young men would rather date
an anorexic woman than one who is obese. Per the findings, when it comes to
dating, looks are still more important than substantive factors like 
intelligence and personality - at least to young men.

Cornell researchers found college men are more likely to want to date a 
woman with an eating disorder, and thus who is very thin, than one who is 
obese.  Women, on the other hand, show no such distinction.

Jeffery Sobal, a nutritional sociologist who conducted the study, found 
that both sexes seem to equally avoid relationships with people who have 
either anorexia nervosa or bulimia. But given a choice, a man would rather 
date a woman with anorexia or bulimia than a badly overweight woman.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia affect 8 million Americans. This number is 
rising, Sobal believes, because of society's portrayal of the ideal body.
At the other extreme, about 55 percent of adult Americans, or 97 million 
adults, are overweight or obese, according to June government standards.

Sobal found that 53% of the men and 59% of the women said they would not 
want to date someone with an eating disorder. But 74% of men and 60% of 
women would rather not date an obese person.

Source: Rueters

* This may explain why that darn "J" key sticks sometimes....             *

Married guys beware - particularly those who make like online Leonardo 
Dicaprios after the wife and kids have gone to sleep.  Debra Young, and a 
handful of other private investigators are exploiting the internet to 
expand their business.  Young uses chat rooms to catch (alternately entrap)
would-be marital cheaters.  Suspicious spouses pay her to create an online
identity that will likely lure their partners.  According to the NY Times, 
Young's efforts have uncovered more than 600 cybercheaters and led to two 
dozen divorces.  Clients pay Young $25 to arrange an online chat and 
additional $50 to lure someone into a face-to-face encounter.  Young does 
not show up, but - surprise! - the philandering spouse's partner does.

Source: Playboy

* Going back to the Archives for a TWMC Classic (oh, like if any of the   *
* original members are still around, and if so, would remember)  :-)      *

In his 1994 trial in Fort Lauderdale for strangling a prostitute, Donald 
Leroy Evans, had asked for permission to wear his Ku Klux Klan robe and be 
called "Hi Hitler."  He had already been sentenced to death for murdering 
and raping a 10 year old homeless girl in Mississippi and was also under  
investigation on claims that he had killed 60 people in 21 states.

In a motion filed with Broward Circuit Court, Evans asked for an order 
requiring that prosecutors, clerks and deputies revise the name of Donald 
Leroy Evans with the honorable and respected name of Hi Hitler and all 
records be corrected to reflect "State of Florida vs. Hi Hitler."

According to courthouse personnel, Evans was under the impression that 
Hitler's followers said "Hi Hitler" rather than "Heil Hitler."

Per Evans fourth attorney, who also asked to be taken off the case, "Our 
attorney client relationship has gone downhill from the moment it began."

Source: Those Who May Care, Feb. 1994

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