August 24, 1998: Hey! Keep That Camera on my Face

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* Cool!  X-Ray Spex for the New Millennium...                             *

Videocamera technology that allows for viewing images in sheer darkness 
appears to also allow for capturing people in nearly naked detail. This
"unintended feature" has Sony's execs scrambling.  They halted shipments of
the infrared cameras. 

Apparently, the HandyCams w/ NightShot technology can zoom through light 
clothing to focus in on underwear and make people wearing swimsuits look 
almost naked.

Per Sony, the original assumption was that this feature would be used for
"filming night views, children sleeping, nocturnal behavior of animals."
But using the camera in daylight, or with a special filter in a lighted 
room, allows for underlying visuals to be captured.

Sony first learned of HandyCam's surprise feature when reporters asked for
comments on the "new way" of using the camera. Sony's technicians then 
confirmed that the technology (once reserved for moneyed hobbyists and Gulf
War troops) had the unintended capability.  

The camera has now been modified and the NightShot technology now works 
only in the dark.  About 870,000 of the original cameras had been sold.

[note: I can vouch for this story .. I've seen some still shots --alex]

Source: Wired News via Don MacGregor

* Sticks and Stones...                                                    *

In March, New Jersey Nets basketball coach John Capipari admitted that in 
a moment of rage, he called reporter Dan Garcia of the Newark Star Ledger 
a "fucking Mexican idiot."  He later apologized and Garcia accepted.

Furthermore, the NBA fined Capilari $25,000 for the outburst.  Nevertheless
, Garcia filed a lawsuit against Capilari and the Nets, claiming that the 
three-word phrase hurt him to the tune of a cool $5 million.

Source: News of the Weird

* Not necessarily funny, but ghoulish and interesting...                  *

"I've never felt like anybody wanted me dead before," says Kendall Morrison
a 35 year old New Yorker with AIDS.  However, an unnamed Michigan investor 
who purchased Morrison's life insurance policy in 1993 did.  He sued the 
broker who sold him the policies for fraud, upset that Morisson was still 

Morrison sold his two life insurance policies, which total $350,000, for 
50% of their face value.  The way it works is the terminally ill patient 
gets desperately needed money and the investor lays out the cash and takes
over the premium payments.

"They kept sending these FedEx's and calling," says Morrison, it was like 
"are you still alive?"

Several lawsuits are coming out of this from the investor side, charging 
the brokers with not fully informing them of how new therapies may affect
their returns.

Source: NYT Magazine

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