August 20, 1998: Monica Lewinsky Interview

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The following is a transcript of CNN's interview with Monica Lewinsky after
her grand jury testimony:

CNN: Miss Lewinsky, we know you are not at liberty to discuss specifics, 
but how do you feel about the president's confession and America's 

Lewinsky: I really have had enough of it all. This whole mess has left a 
bitter taste in my mouth.

CNN: Do you blame the Press for your troubles?

Lewinsky: I feel as if I am the one getting the shaft. This twisted matter 
really just blew up in my face.

CNN: So what's next for Monica Lewinsky. Will the next few months be a 
trying period for you?

Lewinsky: I am experienced now. When things get hard is truly when I am at 
my best. I have faced hard things in the past and know what is coming. I 
am prepared to meet this challenge head on and not turn away this time. 

CNN: Yes, but our audience will say that you are young, naive and don't 
really know you're in for.

Lewinsky: I'd tell them I have licked bigger things than this before and 
given the right tools, may again. 

CNN: Wouldn't it be best for you to just come out and say, "I didn't know 
what I was getting into and I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused?"

Lewinsky: Maybe at first I could have. It appeared to be a small issue 
then, but it got blown all out of proportion.

CNN: Did you at any time think you could just walk away from all this and 
that things could go back to normal.

Lewinsky: No. I don't want people to say that Monica Lewinsky isn't a 
finisher, that she quit before the job was done. 

CNN: Do you think that the name Monica Lewinsky can ever be cleared?

Lewinsky: I will fight to restore my good name until it is wiped clean of 
this whole affair. I will not be stained by it.

CNN: Thank you Miss Lewinsky.

Lewinsky: Thank you.

Source: Severely Modified Original from Barry D.

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