June 19, 1998: How Do You Spell Placenta?

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* More Placenta-Munching, I wasn't expecting to see more on this topic.   *

London - A British government watchdog said on Thursday that a cookery 
program that showed the eating of human placenta was in bad taste.

The placenta in question was fried with shallots and garlic, flambeed, 
pureed and served last February on Channel 4's program "TV Dinners".

The mother devoured it on television. So did the father, who had 17 
helpings. Other guests had fewer.

But the independent Broadcasting Standards Commission said it had received 
nine written complaints from viewers who found the program "distasteful."

Channel 4 argued that the program aimed to challenge conventional wisdom, 
and endeavored to include chefs who were trying something "unusual or 
different".  It even recognized the taboos attached and treated the topic 
sensitively -- so sensitively, that it decorated the placenta dish with 
a model of a baby.

The commission did not swallow these arguments.

Source: Reuters

* Ugh, what's that number for 911?  [Eul should get a kick out of this.]  *

Dave MacLean of New York had recently ordered a new ISDN line, and NYNEX 
(now Bell Atlantic) promptly lost the work order.  Maybe they had the name 
wrong?  He had specifically spelled it out to avoid confusion, but still, 
could it be under McClean?  McLean?  MacClean?  Nope.  When the record was 
finally located, it was found filed under: "Dave Mac Capital L Ean."

Source: I Can't Remember

* I can just see my own Grandmother doing this...                         *

A Chicago Tribune correspondent, writing from Caracas, Venezuela, April of 
last year, reported on the recent carjacking of Rosa Clemente, who was en 
route with her grandmother to visit her ailing grandfather.  The grand-
mother pleaded with the two robbers to forget about the car (they could
not, they explained; they needed it for the weekend) or at least to swing 
by the hospital and drop the two women off (which they reluctantly did).
The grandmother also got them to promise to return the car by Monday
because the two women needed it for continuing transportation to the 
hospital.  The men actually returned the car, but the women couldn't use 
it for three months, because the police were holding it as evidence.

Source: News of the Weird

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