July 1, 1996: High-Speed Expansion

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*  Top 10 Good Things About Raising The Speed Limit                      *

10. Yankee players have better chance of making it home before drugs 
    kick in
 9. If the speed limit hits 95, Anna Nicole Smith will try to marry it
 8. People can rush home to not watch CBS
 7. Will speed O.J.'s search for the real killers
 6. Divine Brown able to squeeze in 6 more customers a day
 5. Increased airflow rapidly cools scalding McDonald's coffee on your lap
 4. New York cabbies will get lost even faster
 3. Cops forced to spend time chasing real criminals instead of law 
    abiding talk show hosts
 2. Sound of wind passing through the grill is just like having free Yoko 
    Ono CD
 1. High speed funeral processions

Source: 11/30/95 DAVID LETTERMAN (via Ginny)

*  Good News/Bad News                                                    *

Burgeoning Trade in Full-Figure Bras Gives Lift to Manufacturers Retailers

Jun. 27--Women's breasts are getting bigger.  This is serious business for 
bra makers and retailers.  The top-selling bra has grown to a 36 C from a 
34 B a decade ago, according to the Intimate Apparel Council.  "The 
customer is definitely expanding," says veteran bra buyer Diane Siems of 
Frederick's of Hollywood. 

Department store sales of full-figure bras have surged to 31 percent from 
nearly 27 percent two years ago.  "I don't know of any bra companies that 
aren't making increased sizes," says Karen Bromley of the Intimate Apparel 

Why are women becoming more buxom?   Older baby boomers and a growing 
percentage of overweight women are reasons the experts give.  What's more, 
women of all ages are getting fatter. The percentage of overweight women 
age 20 and older rose just one point, to 26 percent, between 1960 and 
1980. But in the following 11 years it jumped to 34 percent. Nearly 51 
percent of women are now size 14 or larger. 

One problem - it isn't a cinch to make a bigger bra.  Nearly 50 separate 
pieces can go into making a bra, say lingerie experts. And the design 
becomes all the more complex when it's made for larger, and heavier, 
breasts. Frederick's, for example, spent a year taking its Captivator bra 
to a D cup. 

Eight out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra.  A point proven on a recent
Oprah Winfrey show where Bromley, from the Intimate Apparel Council, 
randomly picked three women in the audience for fittings.  All were 
wearing the wrong size.   "One was wearing a 38 DD and she was a 42 DDD," 
says Bromley. "Some women are in denial with their size."

Source: Kelly Barron, The Orange County Register, Calif. 

*  What it is your agency does, again?                                   *

Last December, a federal jury in New York City awarded Dr. Joyce Stratton, 
51, $1 milion in her age discrimination lawsuit against the New York City 
Department of Aging.  She had worked at the agency, which helps the 
elderly secure benefits and legal rights, for 21 years and lost her 
$51,000 salary plus pension benefits when she was fired in favor of a 
younger person.

Source: News of the Weird

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