June 7, 1996: Litigious Doublespeak Crackdown

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*  More on our litigious society (I'm just going to have to stop trying  *
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Dr. Rolando Sanchez, the Tampa, Fla., surgeon with 15 minutes of fame last 
year for amputating the wrong foot of a diabetic patient, filed a claim 
against the city in March over a recent jogging accident, in which he fell 
into a hole cut away for a sprinkler system and broke his arm.

Source: Chuck Shepherd, News of the Weird

*  Our politically correct headlong dive into mediocrity                 *

Education: The Clark County, Nevada, Board of Education has decreed that 
... students who earn D's or below will be characterized no as borderline 
passing of failing, but as emerging.  Those earning A's will no longer be 
commended for excellent work, but will be told merely that they are 
extending, and those in between will no be described as adequate or 
mediocre, but [that] they are developing.

Law Enforcement:  When some of the bullets fired by a Phoenix, Arizona, 
police at a a man brandishing a shotgun hit the door of a residential 
home, a police spokesman responded that "to hit the center mass all the 
time is not realistic."  A translation without the new doublespeak, 
"sometimes we miss."

Advertising:  A TV Commercial for an antacid called Pepcid AC shows a 
daughter telling her mother the drug works for nine hours.  The mother 
replies, "Nine hours.  That's all day!"  Apparently, the mother sleeps for
15 hours a day.

Government:  The county of Milwaukee Wisconsin, in en effort to be "nicer"
and less controversial, has decided that the council would no longer use 
the phrase hate groups to characterize entities such as the Ku Klux Klan. 
These various groups will now officially be referred to as unhappy groups.

Source: NY Times

*  The Long Arm of Johnny Law/My Tax Dollars Paid for What?              *

A 12-year-old girl was arrested in Barrington, Illinois, last October and 
charged with scribbling on a town gazebo.  Her scribbling consisted of 
crossing out profane comments about her that others had written on the 

Source: Unknown

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