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If you want to do your part to help animals, the best thing you can do is vote with your dollars: don't buy anything from companies that promote animal suffering. The next best thing you can do is go vegetarian, or start your own farm where you raise the animals you will eat in a humane manner; ALL animals which come from factory farms 99.9% of them suffer horrendously. The next best thing you can do is give your time and money to worthy causes.

Your time is far more valuable than your money. If you want to help: adopt animals, feed strays, go donate your time to local shelters or bring them food and blankets, inform your friends and family, snub all those who wear fur coats and the like. Lastly, you can always give your money to groups that will try to change the world for you. The following, as far as I'm aware, do help all they can:

Animal Legal Defense Fund, Friends of Animals, ASPCA, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Last Chance for Animals, American Anti-Vivisection Society

Some animal rights groups, however, will gladly deprive you of your money, while only paying lip service to worthwhile causes or token efforts that don't lead anywhere. These groups were started for the purpose of misdirecting your time and energies in losing causes, while "through the back door" pushing the real agenda, that of the foundation that controlled and in some cases, started them.

Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES waste your time or money on ANY of the following groups:

Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Friends of the Earth, Wildlife Habitat Canada, Oxfam America, GreenPeace, National Wildlife Federation, Nature Conservancy, National Resources Defense Council

These are "bogus" environmental groups whose primary purpose is to take away individual property rights. They ARE NOT concerned about animal welfare and have even taken part in activities which are detrimental to animals. These groups all serve the elitist corporate globalist agenda and have done far more harm than good to the cause. Read all about it for yourself.

PETA: I may actually consider that PETA, while staffed by several good people at many levels, is either run by incompetents, or has been subverted from its original goals. Be wary of any group presently pushing man-made "Global Warming" as fact at the present. Research it for yourself (and research doesn't mean watch some program on TV about it).