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Three Categories Vegetarians Can Fall Under

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I find myself getting asked this question more and more these days from a lot of different people who contact me via this site. So, once a certain threshold is reached, I assume there are a lot more of you out there looking for guidance in this category.

Alas, here is what I feel is a "general consensus on the three accepted definitions/categories of "Types of Vegetarians." Please keep in mind, this is unscientific and just my perspective of a loose and sometimes, contentious topic.

  1. Vegans: Eat no animal products at all. The philosophy sometimes also espouses not wearing anything made from animals as well (leather). Additionally, products like honey may also be considered taboo.

  2. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians: Eat no dead animals or dead animal products whatsoever, but still consume some products where the animal is not killed in the process (for example: eggs or dairy products).

  3. Vegetarians (general): Like above but sometimes also consume fish. Of course, the part about fish can be argued by the above groups, but an exception is sometimes made due to fish being so far from our own species and hence, sometimes, the less stict interpretation will at least allow for "Seafood Vegetarians."
I know there are many vegetarians out there who use divisive measures, suggesting one who eats any seafood dairy doesn't qualify. From my perspective, I prefer the inclusive approach, and consider anyone who's given up all land animals to be part of the solution.

That all said, I also differ from many "activists" because I have far more respect for anyone who hunts/fishes/kills their own food, than I do for those who go to a grocery store or restaurant, and order the dead tortured flesh of a creature they lacked the stamina to kill themselves, thereby condemning animals to a worse and more torturous fate.