Do Vegetarians Smell Better?

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You are what you eat, in more ways than one. Whatever you eat can affect your body greatly, from the energy you get, to your mood, to the odors your body produces. The most basic example of the latter concept is eat a piece of raw garlic, wait a few hours and gauge the resulting odors emanating from inside and outside your body.

Moving on to a simple vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian example, heat up your oven to 98.6 degrees and place a tomato and piece of meat on it. Check back in a few hours to compare the rate of decay and the resulting odors.

Now, there are other factors to consider as certain foods tend to produce unpleasant body odors regardless of meat-content; garlic (as mentioned earlier) and curry (or other strong spices) diets can produce sharp results. However, generally, a diet of predominantly plant based intake will result in much more pleasing body odors than one consisting of the rapidly decaying flesh of dead creatures every time.

While there has not been a scientific study to back up this assumption (how do you quantify something on the level of what smells "better?"), informal polls and interviews generally result in the concession that when it comes to body odors, vegetarians usually win out. [see note below]

Personally, I've always shared this idea (that of vegetarians smelling better) with friends. This sentiment came from my observation that I've preferred vegetarian women for sharing (how to best say this) very intimate relations, as their odor and taste tend to be much more appealing. Others have shared similar thoughts on the subject with me, expressing preference for the most basic of odors emanating from one's pores to specific claims about (trying to keep this clean and also, making it apply to males and females here) "love juices."

I started thinking further along this track, and one day, on the Howard Stern show, he had a guest who claimed he could always smell the difference between vegetarian women and carnivores. Sure enough, they brought out six or seven women and this guest proceeded to pick out the three vegetarians among them solely by "smelling them."

So, take this all under consideration. And, if you're one of those that is still thinking about whether to go vegetarian ... Do it because you will smell better. Do it because knowing that will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Do it for someone you love.

Back Note: A New York Times (1998) poll on the streets of New York City found that "vegetarians smell and taste better" and "have more stamina and energy in the sack." The latter part of that survey, likely coincides with studies relating to how restricted arteries affect sexual performance due to blood flow.