Beyond Animal Cruelty for Cruelty's Sake

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After doing this (promotion of vegetarian and animal rights ideals) for many many years now, I can safely tell you one thing: no amount of letter writing and protesting will ever change the travesty of these large conglomerates needlessly testing their products on animals. During all this time, not one, not a single one has changed their policy (many have "announced so," only to cheat/switch later). Sorry. The sooner you face up to this, the better off you will be for not wasting your time and mental effort trying to change this sad fact. Changes can be made at the local level, e.g., getting your local hardware store to stop carrying glue traps. But, the big companies? Forget them!

The best, and honestly, ONLY things you can really do that are really effective are 1) DO NOT BUY their products, and 2) convince everyone you know that they shouldn't either. Basically, that's it.

Why does it [the cruelty] continue? Well, the first big [and stupid] mistake we made as consumers, was allowing (i.e., trusting) the pharmaceutical industry to sell us toiletries, cosmetics, and personal care products. Hence, by promoting the ideas such products should be "tested" [on animals], the industry could justify charging us extra to test these products, and hence fund their research divisions. This, in turn, funds the entire pharmaceutical industry. One hand feeds the other.

Now, a darker, yet pragmatic side of the equation is how does the pharmaceutical side of the business make money? Answer: via sick/unhealthy people. By selling such people drugs [alleged cures to their ailments]. Sick consumers are a lot more profitable than healthy consumers. Business 101. Reality. What is the bottom line for any "business?" THE BOTTOM LINE. Profit.

I know this may be hard for some of you to face up to. But, that's because you're living in a dream world where you think a nebulous "someone" out there gives a shit about you. Don't take it personally. As you've seen by now in countless movies about the Mafia: "It's only business."

One other facet of "the trade" I've noticed over the years is how these same "Cruel Companies," when they take over a successful smaller company making good cruelty-free products gets bought out (the Tom's of Maine story comes to mind), is they [the parent company] start replacing the "natural" ingredients in the smaller company's products with a slew of synthetic unnatural ingredients. A lot of these ingredients tend to be the waste products of the petro-chemical and factory-farming industries.

Again, why? One, because they are a lot cheaper. Two, the largest shareholders in the pharmaceutical and consumer products companies also have significant controlling interest in the petro-chemical and slaughter industries. Those interested in observing the ties should look into all the inter-locking Boards of Directors of these corporate behemoths and you'll soon start seeing a lot of the same names repeat across said industries. Simply put, why pay to dump toxic waste when they can simply repackage it inside their cosmetics and toiletries and sell it, for a profit, to your dumb ass instead? Alas, you can see, yet another reason why for them, "testing" is justified/necessary.

Stop being a guinea pig, and educate yourself on what you put on and inside your body!
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The sicker you are, the better of a customer you become. It's really simple. The pharmaceutical industry would quickly go out of business if we were all healthy. having a hard time accepting this still? Ask yourself why they put rat poison [aka fluoride] in toothpaste. Why do they put mercury [admitted] in children's vaccines? Why do they put Aspartame [indisputably proven to cause brain tumors] in soft drinks and foods?

Why? It's just business!