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The Impact the CITES Decision had on Them

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Elephants are among the largest and most majestic creatures to inhabit the earth. They can even communicate with each other in frequencies out of the human hearing range. When family members die, elephants feel such grief, that they return again and again to their relatives bones and caress them with their trunks. Elephants

Socialization of baby elephants involves coming into a world of grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters and brothers. Unlike human children, young elephants feel very confident about their status when a newborn arrives. They become a constant companion to their younger sibling and its defender. When they march, they commonly take a position which puts the infant between them and their mothers.

Ever since the 1997 CITES meeting, relaxed the world-wide ban on the ivory trade, a horrible wave of poaching has spread through both Africa and Asia. Chad, who vigorously opposed the CITES decision, reports that between 50 and 60 corpses could lie out in the vast African bush of Zamouka National Park. Ghana, who also opposed the decision, lost its first elephant the very next day after the decision.

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Another issue with the plight of these poor creatures happens right here in America, where elephants must endure slave-like conditions in this countries circuses. To find out more about the horrors of captivity for circus elephants, check out this PETA site.