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Aware that you may actually be contributing to the torture and abuse of animals the world over? Not indirectly [different issue], I'm saying "you could be directly paying the people that break the legs of beagles, electrocute monkeys and many other cool things like that."

How? You very likely make donations to charitable institutions of some kind (at least, one would hope). Unfortunately, most large national health charities use their donations to fund animal experiments [FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR COMPREHENSIVE LIST ]. However, there are alternative foundations that support useful medical research and assistance for patients without exploiting animals [see below].

If you donate money to health charities, consider switching your support to a cruelty-free organization or helping to bring about change in the organizations you support (people do listen to their sponsors).

beagleI know some of you are probably saying, "Hey, Alex! This stuff is for the betterment of mankind and will save lives." Sorry, can't sympathize with you. I lost a close relative to cancer and the only help modern medicine could provide was absolutely useless (and possibly even more damaging than the cancer itself). Even a prime-time paper, USA Today, had an article stating what a complete bust the $30 billion "War on Cancer" has been. The only people to benefit are those who do the actual research, as they're the ones that get the money.

In this day and age, animal research is proving limited benefit to humankind. Some drugs tested on animals and approved turn out to be fatal for humans. Computer simulations and human cell tissue tests have demonstrated themselves far superior (faster, more accurate and less expensive) to animal research. If you wish, drop me a line and I'll point you to where you can find statistics, articles and studies that back these statements up.

And if you still disagree .. hey, you've at least got a good excuse to get out of your company's United Way fund drive this year. :-)

*      What can you do to help? [once again, any would suffice]          * 
    1. Forward this page/bookmark to others "Who just May Care."

    2. When you get junk mail from any of the BAD organizations asking for donation, scribble a little note explaining why you will not contribute on the return form [hey .. postage free return envelope, right?]

    3. If you contribute to any of the BAD organizations, then a) STOP, and b) contribute to the GOOD ones instead.

    4. If you contribute to the GOOD ones already, send them a little note of praise.

    5. If you contribute to BAD, organizations send 'em a note telling them you won't anymore until they stop.

    6. Even if you don't contribute, write the BAD ones a letter, explaining that this has been the reason for your not having given them anything "all this time."

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