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* Now this is for those that really care...                              * 

I'd like to say that last year was a pretty good year. As far as taking up 
some of the causes I mentioned in previous notes, I'd like to thank all of 
you who participated.

First of all, Boys Town has finally decided to stop torturing young 
kittens (I'm sorry, I meant testing on kittens). They got enough bad press 
off of this and enough hate mail (some included graphic death threats) and 
enough protesters (go PETA) that they finally decided they would stop
with the kitten mutilations and move on to other things. They are still 
doing animal tests on mice, rats and guinea pigs, but kittens have been 
ruled out. At this juncture, it's your call on if to back them.

Gillette finally called a moratorium to testing cosmetics on 
animals. Granted this is different from observing an outright ban on animal
cosmetic testing (send me a note for current list of companies), but better
than most of us expected. Your decision to buy Gillette products is 
completely up to you. Special thanks to Paul McCartney for leaving each 
Gillette employee a voice mail urging them to "help out." Another 
big company, Colgate Palmolive, declared an outright ban.

The Dolphin Bill had mixed results .. those of you who missed the original 
or follow-up mailing, please contact me and I'll send you both if you're 
interested. Joshua is now going on his second dolphin watching trip.

The Fur Industry continues to see a declining rate in it's revenues. Don't
believe a lot of the press you see in the fashion mags lately, it's really
like dying man clearing his throat loud enough so the nurse will hear him. 
One of the reasons they were able to claim a growth in revenues for the 
first time in ten years is that they decided to include costs of fur 
storage in the most recent years revenue (you don't have to be a CFO to 
see the deception in doing that and not factoring it into previous 

Home Depot told all it's outlets that it would no longer supply 
them with Rodent Glue Traps (a particularly nasty way to kill mice). Feel
free to mention this to your local hardware store, they may do likewise. 
Especially if you mention (as I did), that "I can buy everything 
cheaper at Home Depot, now give me a good reason to continue shopping 

Also, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine just published
their latest list of charities that do or don't fund animal tests and the 
amount of animal-friendly charities doubled over the last year. I'll be 
posting this on my Web Site, if anyone wishes, I can also e-mail you a 
copy of the list.

Finally, here's a little story that I think fits as a good closing to all this..
* BARKING DOG SAVES SPINNING CAT                                         * 

LONDON (Reuters) - If it had been a cartoon, Hudson the dog would have 
just grinned gleefully when he saw his arch rival Zoe the cat spinning 
around inside a burning hot tumble drier. In real life, Hudson saved Zoe's 
life by barking until their owner came to her rescue.

"At first I thought Hudson wanted to go outside, but he just kept on 
barking and staring at the machine," said the animals' owner, Liz 
Beaumont. When Beaumont opened the door of the drier, she had to wait 
several seconds before she could remove the badly-scorched cat because she 
was too hot to handle.

"Funny thing is, Zoe still hates Hudson and there's no sign of 
a reconciliation," said Beaumont.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good luck in 98!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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